Unsaturated polyester resin:

  Unsaturated polyester resin is obtained in a chemical process that is the result of the reaction of a two-factor acid and two-factor alcohol (glycol), which is used in various industries such as fiberglass piping and automotive cutting by sheet molding. Manually and… .. is used.

Technical specifications of resins

Product Name   Application CP viscosity Solid percentage Minute gel time
SMC-BMC resin Car parts and lights 1200-1100 66-64 20-15
Mastic resin Stone surface repair 600-500 67-65 8-6
Stone adhesive resin Connecting stone components 700-500 66-64 4-3
Synthetic stone resin Production of stone blocks 600-500 66-64 25-20
Tube resin Production of GRP pipes 500-400 65-60 17-15
Resin sheet Production of fiberglass sheets 700-500 66-64 15-12