Payazarand Company started its activity as a manufacturer of paints for the packaging and automotive industries in 2002, and in a short period of time was able to become one of the suppliers of coatings used in the packaging and automotive industries, and in cooperation with automotive companies such as Zamyad became suppliers of Saipa and other industries such as Iran Packaging Industries, Massoud Mark and manufacturers of motorcycle parts, and in 2008, with the implementation of its development plan, it was transferred to Mamuniyeh Industrial Town, 80 km from Tehran. This company has an excellent advantage in transportation and customer service in terms of being located next to the north-south highway and Hamedan freeway. In the development plan of this company, a large resin-making unit with an annual capacity of 5,500 tons was envisaged, which, along with up-to-date control systems and a complete laboratory, is one of the most complete curing units for polyester and alkyd resin resins.
Our sales technical team with extensive scientific and practical experience is fully acquainted with the needs of the customer and can be a good partner in order to meet your needs.
Our support is to have two strong and experienced teams in the field of production and customer service, which is based on their 15 years of experience.
Our capability:
We try to provide guaranteed quality by using quality raw materials from reliable and superior sources. Our raw materials are carefully evaluated by quality control personnel before consumption and enter the production process if they comply with the standard.
Our research and development unit with modern and efficient equipment is able to identify the needs of consumers and create new products and continuous quality improvement.
In our opinion, quality means the right product at the right price.
Introduction of polyester resin:
Unsaturated polyester resin is obtained by a chemical process that results from the reaction of a two-functional acid and a two-factor alcohol (glycol). It is used in various industries such as pipe making, fiberglass and car parts making by sheet molding, manual layering and روش methods.
In the process of reaction with acid, two factors such as phthalic anhydride and maleic anhydride with glycol such as monoethylene glycol or monopropylene glycol are the result of the reaction of polyunsaturated polymer polymer and water.
By adding a reactive solvent such as styrene monomer, the resin fluidity is reduced and adjusted to the desired level. Then, when using resin with the addition of peroxide and cobalt, a radical reaction begins, which is a rapid and exothermic reaction, creating a strong network by bonding between the styrene monomer and the polymer.
Due to the exothermic nature of the reaction at consumption requires great care in the mixing ratio; Excessive use of accelerators or peroxide can cause a fire.

The products of Payazrand company are:

  • Types of unsaturated polyester resins
  • Types of alkyd resins
  • A wide and complete range of car, protective and construction paints